The Principles of the World Ostrich Association

I. To promote a professional world wide ostrich industry based on sound and ethical livestock principles.

II. To encourage members and non-members alike to utilise modern agricultural trends in all aspects of animal welfare and humane ostrich agri-processing

III. To constantly review and update consumer information.

IV. To ensure all ostrich products are brought to the market place with the highest quality and consistency by recognising that all stages of the production/value chain are completely interrelated.

V. To establish world wide production and marketing standards that form the cornerstone to correctly support the sales of quality ostrich products.

VI. To develop procedures for the implementation of these principles to enable the ostrich industry to compete in the marketplace with modern livestock and agri-processing methods.

VII. To provide the leadership, knowledge, guidance and dissemination of correct information to accurately recognise these principles and to encourage their implementation.