World Ostrich Association Product Gradings, Classifications and other Guideline Standards


The grading & classification catetories were developed by the various committtees in place when the WOA was first established.  The committees were a collaboration of producers and marketers. The low levels of production continue to limit opportunities for further developement – but these standards do provide basic guide lines.   The terminology may vary from from country to country, but the principles remain the same for all.

WOA Ostrich Guidelines Purchasing Fertile Eggs, Day Old Chicks and Breeders
WOA Ostrich Carcass Grading
WOA Ostrich Meat Quality Guidelines
WOA Ostrich Meat Yield Classifications
WOA Ostrich Leather Grading
WOA Ostrich Skin Quality Guidelines
WOA Ostrich Feather Structure and Quality
WOA Ostrich Performance Benchmark Targets
WOA Ostrich Welfare