Minutes of the 11th Annual General Meeting

Stan Stewart declared the meeting open at 20.00 GMT

Those present:
Stan Stewart – UK, Daryl Holle – USA,  Fiona Benson – UK, Rayan Hayder – KSA,

1 – Apologies for Absence
The following apologies for absence were received:  Craig Culley, Prof Khalifa.

2 – Chairman’s Welcome Address
The Chairman welcomed all.

3 – Approval of Minutes AGM 2012
The chairman recorded 5 votes for and none against.  There were no matters arising from those minutes put forward for discussion.

4 – Chairman’s report
All present confirmed having read the report and there were no comments. Click here to read the Chairman’s report.  All present confirmed having read.

5 – Treasurer’s report
The chairman reported 4 votes in favour and 1 abstention.  The abstention was from Craig Culley as the treasurer and creator of the report. Click here to read the Treasurers report and access the accounts for the year 2012/2013.

6 – Election of Directors
No applications to serve as a directors were received and as Stan Stewart and Prof Khalifa are willing to continue they are automatically re-elected unopposed.

Current Directors:

AGM 2013: Stan Stewart, Hesham Khalifa

AGM 2014: Fiona Benson

AGM 2015: Rayan Haydar, Craig Culley, Daryl Holle

7 – The officers for the coming year
The Chairman reported that the current posts will remain unchanged for the coming year.

8 – Any Other Business
The voting form provides all members with the opportunity to put forward any topics they wish to raise for discussion.  No member put forward any item for further discussion.

Fiona Benson raised the need to introduce fresh blood to the directors and suggested this issue discussed through the director’s communication email list. …which was agreed.

Rayan Haydar raised the question of expanding our readership to attracting a greater number of people with experience in the modern agriculture industry utilising social media (facebook and twitter).  All agreed to Rayan exploring that further and putting forward a proposal on how to achieve.

With no further matters for formal discussion, the chairman declared the meeting closed at 20.17GMT.