The signs of revival of the industry we have been talking about for so long are finally starting to grow beyond just signs and into firm developments. Strong growth is continuing in Iran and Pakistan with much interest also in India and Nepal. Eastern Europe and many of the former Soviet Union satellite countries are also seeing numbers grow and there is also significant renewed interest in the USA.

The most significant event however has been the recent reopening of the EU market to the import of fresh meat from South Africa. The shortage of meat in Europe for the past 4 years as a result of the South African ban has had a devastating effect on the market throughout the EU and now it is available again, market growth should be rapid which should be helpful for all producers.

The demand for meat in the USA is increasing and there are a number of reports of major developments in production getting under way there.

So while the markets for meat appears to be increasing and bird numbers to meet the demand are increasing, a significant effort needs to be made to develop the markets for leather and oil. That can only be achieved through greater consistency and quality of production. Quality birds can only be produced with high quality feed coupled with good farm infrastructure and management procedures to ensure the skins are not damaged while the birds are growing.

So, I for-see an exciting year ahead for the industry with the development of markets and many good production projects continuing. The WOA stands by to offer all the assistance we can to help you develop your individual projects.